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Friendly Helpful Professional Services

We offer a variety of services such as troubleshooting, tuition and setup.  We can work with PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones, Android Phones and Tablets, and Chromebooks.


The important thing with computers, in our opinion is to get them to do what you want them to. Often, when you are trying to learn something you won’t know what questions to ask - so how can you hope to get the right answers?

We work on the principle that you should tell us what you want to achieve, and we will tell you the best way to do so - and if you want we will set your equipment up properly to make it as easy as possible

Assisted Shopping Services
We don’t sell anything but our services, but we will come shopping with you to make sure you get the right things, then set them up for you.


Over the years we've set up many things.
Pcs, Printers, Macs etc yes. but also TV's, Game consoles, Projectors, Homekit (like automatic blinds).
If you need a hand then we will be glad to turn our expertise to your projects.